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My husband bought smart lights on Saturday, when we were out to see a movie with some of our friends.  We went to the store, my husband and our friend Justin got hooked into talking to the man who sells the lights, and the next thing I know they’re buying a box of smart lights and a rechargeable nightlight. Apparently, [the excuse I was given is that] Amazon has some sale, and you can get the smart lights for cheap or something, but I digress.

We got home and he set up said lights, and after our friend had gone home and it was far to late to be doing anything intensive or particularly smart, we spent far too many hours playing with our Echo and the lights.

Because it’s like having a dimmer switch that you can talk to, and they have better voltage and are apparently less expensive than normal light bulbs somehow [that’s probably propaganda marketing] .

Also I learned a lot about our Echo.

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